Alice finds friends in Prague

I signed up to emails from RyanAir, and I was on the look out for specials.  Then one day I was fortunate enough to get a “free” flight from RyanAir, and the tax came to a £17 for the return flight.  My accommodation came to a total of £56 for my stay in the dormitory at the YHA in Prague – Hostel Advantage, Czech Republic Sokolska 11, 13, Prague 2, CZECH REPUBLIC Prague, Phone: 420-2-24914062, Fax: 420-2-24914067, E-mail:  As you can see it was a very economical holiday. 

I flew out from England on Wednesday 11 Oct 06  to Prague where  I stayed six nights.  On Tuesday 17 October 2006 I returned to England.  My New Zealand friends, Leah, Kelly and Dan, flew over from London during the weekend to meet up with me for a couple of days.  This was very good news for me, as when I was alone I did not stray far from the hostel, but spent my time nearby shopping in the ‘New Town’.   I was surprised to see a couple of familiar shops in Prague.  There was the tall Marks and Spencer building and another tall Tescos building.  Both Marks and Spencer and Tesco were more upmarket than what I had come across in the UK.  I then stumbled across a store that had my own name ‘Alice’.  Except that the surname was Abraham.  I fell in love with the designs from Alice Abraham, they were mostly extravagant ball gowns.  I bought a gorgeous pink dress for myself.  I still have it, but I can’t fit into it anymore which is a shame, one day soon perhaps?  I can’t remember now exactly where the boutique is, except that it was inside this very attractive looking gallery.

We did a lot of walking, and I did not take any taxis as I had been warned that they were too expensive.  The bus and train system is very efficient in Prague and ridiculously cheap!  Actually I found most things very cheap in Prague, the food, restaurants, accommodation.

When I arrived on Wednesday, I took the bus from the airport into town.  Once in town, I then took the underground tube into the city to my accommodation.  From that tube stop it was just a short stroll of about 15 minutes to my accommodation.  I was quite amazed with the traffic here in Prague.  There did not seem to be any speed limits, and the roads have three lanes, going in different directions, so that I never knew where to look when I tried to cross the road.  Thank fully for my friends, as Kelly and Leah both saved me a couple of times one night and day when I had started to walk in front of cyclists and a tram, without realising what I was doing! oops!  Well, I am extremely lucky aren’t I to live to tell the tale.  But do not worry, that has made me increasingly more observant and cautious!  Its about time I hear you say? 

When my friends joined me, we spent the weekend traipsing around the ‘Old Town’ visiting the tourist attractions.  They flew back to London on Sunday afternoon.  But before they left, we had a very busy day.  We got up far too early for my liking on the Sunday morning, and then off we were, climbing up to the castle and palace, and up the windy streets, I was absolutely puffed!  I’ve certainly got my ration of exercise.  We also went for long periods of time without any food! This was obviously not to my choosing, and is what happens whenI tag along with other people (its an  advantage, because then I can’t eat too much! he he).  By the afternoon we were running out of time, so much so that we practically had to run up Wenceslas Square and Sokolska Road to get back to the hostel in time for them to pick up their bags enroute to the airport.   By this time  the exercise and lack of food had become too much for me, and so I went straight back up to my room and collapsed on my bunk, and there I stayed sleeping until dinner time.  There was a cosy little restaurant in the basement of the YHA so I just headed down there for a good meal. 

Yes I can highly recommend Prague, it was the most beautiful city, the architecture was breathtaking, and I would love to go back there again!  When?  Well, that is yet to be determined.

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