Alice’s Photos June 2010

Its been a week or two now since I last updated my blog.  I was swamped with work from various sources, and the heat had got the better of me, so that I was exhausted in all senses.   As my body began to fail on me I realised I had to cut back drastically on my activities as I had over committed myself.  Now that I have scaled back on things, I have finally had the first weekend in a long time where I was able to relax.  It was such a wonderful treat 😉

Here are the photos taken on my mobile phone from around the East Midlands over the last month.

(above: gorgeous and large, red poppies)

(above, a photo shoot, the model is wearing ‘goth/punk’ gear, and in front of her is a burning flame, although you cannot see the flame here unfortunately)

(above & below, gorgeous red flowers)

(above, the night before I had seen an episode of Top Gear where they featured a story on the cars in England that had only three wheels, supposedly to save on road tax etc due to not requiring a licence fee?  I had never seen these cars before, and was only familiar with the small version in Italy.  However, the very next morning this exact car type drove past me on the street!)

(above, a musician, singer and guitarist was playing in the market place, he was excellent!  A good dancer too ;-))

Today we went to Sherwood in Nottingham to see the gardens in the Mapperley garden festival.  It was a fun day out!

Tonight dinner cooked for Louise’s farewell party, and I made some bunting.  It was great fun.  We had lasagne and fruit pie, and chocolates to finish with, hmmmm

This is an incredible game that Louise gave me, I don’t know the name for it but it is very clever indeed 😉

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