St Michaels Mount (Marazion, Cornwall)

I heard about St Michaels Mount well by reputation well before I saw it.  I was informed that it was the one near Penzance, that you could walk to when the tide was out (low tide).  We were not sure if we would reach it in time, but then we knew that if we were late we could always catch the boat instead.  However, we made it in time.  There are two trips that you can do there with National Trust and hence two separate ticketing offices.  You can go up the stairs to and inside the castle.  Alternatively (or as well as) you can go around the side of the castle in the garden walk – although this also involves stairs. 

The blurb in the book for the National Trust advised people not to bring push chairs due to the uneven cobbles etcetera, however lots of people still brought their baby buggies.  They appeared to be in quite a lot of discomfort as families had to carry the buggies between them, as they could not be wheeled across the cobbles.  There were quite a few families who had come well prepared, and they came carrying baby back packs where the baby was carried in front.  These little babies looked so adorable carried in that way!  

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