Home made Ravioli

I helped my husband make some fresh home made Ravioli over the weekend, it was a great success!

The first task was to make the pastry for the pasta, and this involved many eggs as you can imagine.

The next stage was to run the pastry through our little pastry machine – now that was tons of fun!

For the inside filling of the Ravioli we decided to make a vegetarian mixture of Ricotta cheese and grated strong cheese (we didn’t have parmesan on hand so we used a strong mature cheddar).

Then we placed small (or not so small depending on the type of spoon you use) spoonfuls of the mixture onto the pastry.  After this was done we closed up the pastry, using a Ravioli cutter to cut the pastry, and then a fork to close the outsides of the pastry.

After this was done, we had some hot water boiling in a large sauce pan on the hob, and we added the Ravioli into the boiling water to cook.  But before this, we had already finished cooking a sauce for the pasta.  The sauce we chose this time was a red tomato sauce where we had placed two New Zealand lamb chops and some fresh basil and rocket, together with other dried herbs, pepper and spices.  The result was scrumptious!

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