The Spice Lounge (Derby, UK)

A night on the town – the rain was bucketing down, the paths were swimming in water that had no where to escape.  My boots were soaked and my socks too from the water that seeped through the holes that I had neglected to fix.  The holes that had no doubt come into existence because of my weekly walks lasting 3 miles at a time.  Yes even in my boots with heels – they are so comfortable you see that I tend not to bother with swapping between trainers and heels.  But sometimes I do.  Now that I’ve ruined three pairs of long boots it looks like I will have to go back to the trainers while I send my boots in for intensive care and emergency patching!

Having squelched my way across town, I finally made it to my destination.  This time, we were meeting at a new restaurant serving Indian or something similar food wise.  We were in the Spice Lounge, and I had no idea what to expect.  This was a very new restaurant that we learnt had been open for just four months.  Well, the verdict around the table was unanimous in that the food was simply fantastic!  The service from most of the waiters were excellent.  But the service from some of the waiters left room for improvement, with the curt manner in which we were spoken to, however I do not think they meant to be rude, it may have just been communication problems.  But the interiors, (including the rest room), and the food were spot on, so good that we’ve all decided to go back again very very soon!

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