Seasons Greetings

Its Christmas Day …. again!      Merry Christmas Everyone! 

Have you been enjoying the carols and Christmas songs?  We had great fun at the midnight mass last night.  This season of celebration and mass has provided opportunities to reflect on the past year and to be grateful for the little blessings that we have.  It is easy to spend unnecessary amounts on commercial activities from presents to cards.  For ourselves, we took the route of prudency during the current recession.  We decided (again) not to use the post this year and hence have not sent any Christmas cards.  This motivation was also caused by numerous problems we have experienced in the recent past with our post either not getting delivered at all, or instead being sent away and then ending up back in our own post box instead (senders address) instead of to the person we actually adressed the envelope to.  

We wish everyone a fabulous Christmas and an exciting and prosperous new year!  For ourselves, we were very fortunate to escape the snow England, just in time to relax in the warmth of New Zealand.  Whether or not we can make it back to England on New Years Eve is another matter altogether!

We have been relaxing at home.  Unfortunately we did not get the opportunity to catch up with as many friends as we had hoped.  This was because we had not planned a schedule in advance.  When we first arrived home I had a tough time with my hands as my eczema had got worse on the plane trip and become infected – so I went to the doctor and got some antibiotics, but it took a very long time for me to get any skin back on my fingers, and until then they were very painful and I was terribly grumpy!  Certainly it was not the opportunity for socialising.  I spent most of the days sleeping during the afternoon and going to bed early.  

I’m much better now, and so Gman and I made a last moment decision to travel up to Auckland and then down to Wellington.  We managed a see some friends and family members in Auckland, and one or two friends in Wellington.  Most of the time in Wellington was spent getting reacquainted with the shops (which was great fun!).  The prices of clothes and gifts were quite astounding though, and I could not believe how people would buy these things for those prices – it seems the recession had not touched Wellington (yet?).  A far cry from the rows of empty shops in Derby!

Today, Christmas day, has been one spent with friends and family – with a focus on my favourite subject – food!  My cousin Carol came down from Auckland to spend Christmas with us, and that has been a treat to see her again!  Ofania also popped by to see us, and it was a brilliant surprise! 

We are just relaxing now at the end of a gorgeous sunny day.  Tomorrow we are thinking of going to the Blue Lake for a swim and a walk, or perhaps some other lakes around here –  exactly what we do will depend on what the weather brings us.

We wish you all the very best for the coming year.  Buon Natale!  Best wishes and Many Happy Returns 😉

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