A Christmas Alphabet

A is for Angels, Appearing on high, proclaiming glad news from a clear midnight sky.

B is Balthazar, Black King from afar, who journeyed to Bethlehem led by a star, Bearing gifts to the

Child born that first Christmas day and laid in a Cradle on Cushions of hay.

D‘s for the Dolls of which little girls Dream,

E for an Eggnog with nutmeg and cream.

F is a Fir tree made Festive and bright by candles a Family has gathered to light, by silvery

Garlands and Gewgaws of Gold, and all that its fragrant Green branches can hold of Gingerbread babies and cranberry strings and other most Gorgeously Glittering things.

H is for Holly wreaths decking the Halls, and Hemlock boughs Hung on the living-room walls.

I is for Ice skaters racing together, on Indigo ponds in Icicle weather.

J is the Jewel-colored Jellies and Jams served with turkeys and geese and with clove-studded hams.

K is Kris Kringle, whose cheeks are like cherries, and the magical Knapsack of Khaki he carries, full of Kites and Kaleidoscopes, Kerchiefs and Kittens, and stuffed Kangaroos and gay Knitted mittens.

L is for Logs that are Laid on the hearth to burn when the winter sweeps out of the north.

M is for misty-eyed Maidens and Misses who stand ‘neath the Mistletoe waiting for kisses.

N is for Nuts with a Nutcracker handy.

O is for Oranges and Oodles of candy.

P is Plum Puddings with hard sauce on top, and Pies made of Pumpkin, and Popcorn to Pop.

Q is warm patchwork Quilt on a bed.

R is for Ribbons of Raspberry Red.

S is for Sleighs and for Sleds and for Skis, Skimming over the Snow with the greatest of ease.

T is for Tops, and for all of the Toys, like Trumpets and Tom-toms, that make a fine noise.

U is a Useful, Uninteresting box of Umbrellas and Underwear, mufflers and socks.

V is a Vigorous reindeer named Vixen who, with Dancer and Prancer and Donder and Blitzen, flies around the

World like the down of a thistle When Saint Nick cracks his Whip and gives them a Whistle.

X is for Xmas cards come by the dozens from aunts and from uncles, from friends and from cousins.

Y is a Yule candle lighted each Year, and the Yawning of Youngsters as bedtime draws near.

Z is a Zebra with shoe-button eyes, peeking out of a stocking in happy surprise, and looking as if – if he could – he would say, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good day!”

     ~  Marion Conger

Published by Alice Letts

Online training for parents and children. Online piano and music tutoring. Online tutoring for English as a Second Language (ESOL) with an emphasis on pronunciation. Online meditation coaching for parents and how to incorporate meditation into daily family life.

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