Easter 2011

Its another long weekend with the bank and statutory holidays.  That is not the only reason to celebrate however.  It is also the time in the Christian calendar to pause, ask forgiveness for our sins, and pray for others.  To read an Easter sermon from Robert H Schuller of the Crystal Cathedral, click here.  Did you manage to get to any of the services this Easter?  If you didn’t you can still watch the Easter Sermon on the Crystal Cathedral website, Hour of Power, click here.  The roads were reported to be busier than usual this year as people travelled to visit family or take holidays with friends.

We decided to stay home.  Exhausted from work, we decided to stay home to get some well needed rest and relaxation.  We did not manage to make it to the services of Maundy Thursday or Good Friday, however we did eventually make it to the service on Easter Sunday.  The closest church to us is an Anglican and so we tottled down the road and snuck into the back of the church.  The sermon was very thought provoking.  One of the readings, as you would expect was one where Mary was sobbing in the garden and Jesus came to console her.  The theme therefore was faith, in circumstances where you cannot see or prove something.  This theme of faith was explored at length.  It does remind me though of one of the murals that hung in my church back home, that says that “Faith without works is dead”.  That is so true, isn’t it.  It is one thing to believe, but quite another to act on your beliefs.

After the service we ran home (literally!) to finish cooking the roast dinner for lunch, and do the last minute tidying up.  We had a small get together this year.  It was just the three of us, my husband, my Aunt, and myself.  Skype was brilliant though, as we logged into skype on the computer (after lunch) to see and chat with my parents back home.  Quite the little family reunion, that technology happily made posssible 😉

After the roast lamb and potatoes and canneloni finished off with chocolate cake, we then went for a long walk to a local park.  Beautiful!  Today, we met up again, this time inside the Peaks District, and had a scrumptious English Cooked Breakfast and a light salad.  We spent some time going through some old photos and deleting some to free up space.  Its a shame to see photos disappear forever, and so I’ve pasted some of my favourite photos below.  They have been taken over different years throughout various parts of England and Wales.  You will see our gorgeous Goldie featuring through many.

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