Rowing on the Trent


It’s getting onto four and half years now since I last went rowing. The anniversary of my last day rowing happens to be the same time that I became engaged. What a coincidence! And since then, no matter how I liked the idea of trying, I never did get my fitness back.

On Friday last week however, I took advantage of the holiday to attend the free trial day at the rowing club. We took a quad out onto the river Trent and managed to bring it back without having fallen into the river. That was quite an accomplishment given that the other single skull and double skull had both fallen into the water.

Today we returned to the rowing club for the first day of the rowing course. It was too windy to go out onto the river today, and so we stayed indoors learning and practising rowing technique on the ergos. It wasn’t long before I ran out of puff, but think of the number of calories I must have burnt! I was very pleased with myself. My husband was very enthusiastic, so much so that we were all taken by suprise with the power he was putting into it, and he left his instructor literally speechless. It had me in hysterics, and fits of laughter. It was fun day out. I forgot my camera this time but Stacey managed to get some pictures, and I’ve pasted her photos below.

With all this rowing, it meant I was out of the house, at the time when the rest of the world seemed to be glued to their screens watching the Royal Wedding live. Fortunately, I didn’t miss out, as the day was captured (as you would expect) by video, and is available to view on youtube.

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