Dinner at Biggin Hall

Saturday 14th of May 2011

We finally got around to celebrating the belated birthday.  We went to the delightful Biggin Hall, for the birthday celebratory dinner.  It was a little chilly inside, and I really should have thought to wear more winter clothing, but as it as Spring, it had not occurred to me.  But we have been having some unusually cold weather lately.

The food was scrumptious and very reasonably priced at £20 pp.  On arrival we were given a complimentary pims.  For an entree we had a choice of four or five dishes.  I chose the chicken and parma ham salad, while the others on my table ordered the smoked salmon.

Then for mains there was again another four to six dishes to choose from.  I usually like to order locally sourced food, and for this reason I ordered the local beef.  On the menu they had other dishes including fish and chicken.

Then for dessert, the others chose the Raspberry fromage and I ordered the walnut and maple sundae …. delicious!  But that was not all.  After dessert we then helped ourselvess to a buffet table containing a large selection of cheeses and fruit and crackers.  Finally, when we could not possibly eat any more, we then went out into the reception rooms to help ourselves to after dinner coffee and chocolate mints.  Better yet, we could help ourselves to as many mints as we liked!  It was a most enjoyable evening, and we will be sure to return there again!  I heard they also do fabulous lunches, and afternoon teas, and Sunday lunches too, so we’re spoilt for choice!

Here are the contact details for Biggin Hall below:

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