Almost there …

I’ve been going through the process of the QLTT and QLTR for foreign lawyers to qualify as a Solicitor here in England.  It involves two years experience in your home jurisdiction and in England in three different areas of law being both contentious and non-contentious.  Having worked in both public sector (central and local authorities) and the private sector (in house and private practice) I have now satisfied the experience requirements.   To see more details on the requirements from the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) click here.

In addition to the work experience, I also needed to pass a test (Head III) on Professional Conduct and Accounts.  Today I received my test results and certificate for the test I sat in March.  What a relief it was to see that I passed, and better yet with an A!  This now means that I have completed all the requirements for the conversion and will now be busy filling in a couple more application forms to send off.  It is estimated this will take approximately two months to process so I am probably looking at mid August to attend the admission ceremony.  For further details on the admission ceremony click here.

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