Day out at Chatsworth House

30 July 2011

It was a brilliant sunny day today and so we drove up to Chatsworth House, to capitalise on the good weather. We wanted to fit some walking in before the weather changed.

En route, we treated ourselves to a gorgeous meal at the Grouse & Claret. Each of us ordered a different dish, and we were all
individually impressed with the quality of the food and the courteous and prompt service.

On arriving to Chatsworth House, we made tracks for the Stables, cafes and gift shops. There are four gift shops that seamlessly connect one to the other.  There is the garden shop, the interiors shop, the farmyard shop, and the orangery shop. There is a huge variety of products. There is bound to be something that will appeal to you.

Inside these gift shops, and surrounded by all these beautiful creations, I was in my element. The others became bored and left for a coffee.  I eventually caught up with them, but only after I had soaked up all of the glorious colours and designs. I enjoy crafts and creating things myself, and so I found this environment very inspiring.

The sun was beginning to burn and I noticed that I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable in this heat. Having acquired some bottled ginger drink, we then had to consider where to go next.  The parks outside by the river makes a lovely walk, but since I felt I was melting under the sun, I suggested we head up the hill instead towards the Dell.

Being under the shelter of the trees, was glorious.  Behind Chatsworth House it almost seemed like you were walking in a small forest.  Walking up the little steps and exploring the cave like structures was brilliant.  We also had fun waving to the people in the passenger cars that were being tugged along by a tractor – classic!

We stopped along the way to take some photos and video and before we knew it, the day had gone and it was time to return home.  But I simply could not go home until we first stopped off at the Chatsworth House farm shop to buy my favourite lemon and lime cheesecake.

All in all, it was a very successful day!  We burnt our calories during our scramble up the hill, and soaked up the beautiful scenery.  A brilliant treat to the senses.

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