Rolf Harris up for auction

I had a tip yesterday lunch time that the Rolf Harris painting of the Maori Chief, done live on stage in Oamaru, would be appearing for auction this Friday. The viewing was to open today. Fortunately I managed to find enough time during my lunch break to get to the auction for a nosey!

Rolf Harris is australian raised, from Western Australia and Perth. Harris originally qualified as a teacher but fell ill with what appeared to be Polio like symptoms. It was at this stage that Harris decided on a change of career, to become a painter. Fortunately for Harris the illness turned out to be a viral infection, and not polio, and in time he made a full recovery. On his recovery, at the tender age of 22 Harris moved to England to pursue his ambition to become a painter. It is no wonder then that the English are so fond of Harris. For Harris has now spent much of his career and life in fact in England. In addition to being an established artist in the fine arts, painting, Harris is also a respected musician. Truly, a man of many talents!

Radio New Zealand conducted an interview with Rolf Harris in 2008 titled "Nine To Noon". If you would like to listen to the podcast on Rolf Harris from Radio NZ you can listen here: Alternatively, click here >> if you would prefer to download the mp3 recording. If you are interested in learning more about Rolf Harris you can read his biography on his website at

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