We made it to the church on time!

8 September 2011

We must have driven almost two hours before we arrived to the church. My Mother-in-law was getting anxious as we were a little late arriving due to wrong turns. None of us seemed to know where we were going.

But the good news is that we made it to the church. And in fact, we were amongst the first to arrive!

But you would never guess who was the last to arrive? Although the Priest was early, he busied himself taking confessions from the guests and doing prayers. By the time the bride had arrived, the Priest was no where to be seen!

I couldn’t understand why my sister- in- law ( to be) was standing outside. I thought surely she should walk down the aisle? I wondered if the organist was indisposed? But no! As I discovered later , the person who was keeping the bride waiting ( outside in the scorching heat, no less!) was indeed the Priest. It turned out that Thr Priest had decided belatedly to fetch his car and move it to a different parking spot. Which is what he was doing when the bride had arrived.

The bride brilliantly managed to keep her composure and kept her spirits up! I don’t know how I could have coped? I’m sure if it were me, that I would be hopping mad!

The ceremony was beautiful, the bride and groom and their party, and the opera singer was brilliant! It was the ideal wedding ceremony. One which I thoroughly enjoyed!

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