What’s this? Another fad diet?

It’s been a few weeks now since I changed my diet. I recently attended a graduation ceremony and the photos were the proof I needed that it was time I lost some weight. I had been put off weighing myself for months when I discovered I was not just over weight but getting close to obese. I started doing lots of new exercise, including long walks, Zumba, and dance classes. And through this my skirts became looser and I noticed I was losing weight. However it was not enough as I was still nevertheless overweight.

The desire to lose weight has now been sufficient to make me re- think my eating habits. I am still going for long walks and am now adding a weights routine at local gym to the mix.

I realised that to be able to stick with it I needed to do a diet that was not too difficult. So I am doing a diet that I did about a decade ago that was very successful. I managed to lose more than 20 kilograms that time. I do not hope to lose that much this time but I do need to lose 10 kgs to get back into the healthy weight range.

My new diet is what I call a “Modified Atkins” diet. It is no where near as strict as the actual Atkins diet but it follows the idea that I should cut out the carbs.
My diet allows me to drink whatever I like (within reason) and increase the volume of water I drink, particularly just before I eat! I am allowed to eat any of the following:

[1] Fruit (any fruit I like, but particular focus on apples & pears) & nuts, sunflower seeds, linseed, oats (homemade Swiss museli & yoghurt)

[2] Vegetables (any vegetables i like with the exception of potato & a focus on more beans and lentil)

[3] Meat (Red & White) & Fish

[4] Dark chocolate & Ice cream

What I will not eat in my diet are as follows:
* potatoes including hot chips & crisps
* rice
* pasta
* pizza
* bread
* biscuits & cakes etc

To be practical, I allow myself one day off each week when I am allowed to depart from the diet. The day off is not fixed but will depend on how I feel on a particular day.

To keep on track, I am writing a daily food journal where I list everything I’ve eaten and drunk, and any exercise I’ve done.

One of the things I have noticed over the past few weeks is that I appear to be hungry a lot of the time. Today I bought a small plastic container that I have now filled with almond nuts. The plan is that I will carry the container of nuts with me every day so that if I ever get hungry then I will have something nutritious to munch on. As well as providing protein, nuts also have good oils that are essential to the health of skin. Which means it will be helpful for eczema that is another plus! Another positive side effect is that through cutting out all these carbs I have been eating many more vegetables than I used to. Some days I am completely vegetarian, which is very gratifying.

For breakfast I usually make my own Swiss muesli consisting of a couple of cups of oats, some wheat bran, some wheat germ, some sun flower seeds, some linseed.

However as it was the weekend I treated myself to brunch and went straight onto the savoury things. I started off with scrambled eggs, then broccoli & cheesy vegetables followed by an anchovie salad.

scrambled eggs

broccoli & other veges

anchovy salad

We finished brunch about 10 am. The afternoon was long and tiring with a lot of walking. So when I returned home at 2 pm it was no wonder I was famished. I didn’t want to depart from my diet so I managed to find something nutritious for a snack that included spinach and olives and cottage cheese.

afternoon snack

For dinner I made a gorgeous fish pie. I didn’t use pastry however I did make up some packet mashed potato to use as a topping to replace the pastry.
For dessert I re-baked the apples left over from yesterday, and that was scrumptious too. All in all, not bad.

fish pie

baked apples

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