A night out at the Jazz

It’s Friday night, on the 6th of January 2012. We had finished the working week but not yet recovered from our jetlag. What we really wanted to do was have an early night. There was no way we would be going into town. Would we?

Well that was what we thought. But yesterday I read in the paper that the award winning jazz pianist would be performing.   You can hear more of Robert Mitchell’s piano performances from his website <click here>.  Once into Mitchell’s website you can read his biography.  To listen to his music you will need to choose the option that says “Preview Music”.  You can also find further details on Mitchell’s myspace profile <click here>.

Before I decide to go to a concert.  If I am unfamiliar myself with the performers, I generally try to do a little research on them.  I came across the Robert Mitchell Trio in these news articles.  One by the Guardian <click here>, and the other by the Derby Telegraph <click here>.  Having read these impressive reviews, well, how could I resist the temptation? I simply couldn’t! So I asked around my friends, and I managed to get a little group together.

There were five of us. And what an evening. The band were fantastic and far exceeded expectations.

The new band were promoting their new album “Embrace”. Their last album won the award for “Best Jazz Album” at the Gilles Peterson’s 2009 Worldwide Awards.

With this second album “Embrace” we are certainly in for a treat.  I bought a copy of the album “Embrace” before leaving the concert.  Yes, I had been completely convinced by the performance, that I wanted to listen to more of the Trio.

I am listening to the CD right now, for the first time at home, and it is magical.  The “Embrace” is brilliant for chilling out to over the weekend.  Am now, thinking, that it would make a great gift.

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