Getting some extra help

I came across this fabulous resource, on piano lessons, and they are completely free. Even better!
If you are just starting out and want to learn the piano by yourself at home, then you’ll no doubt find these videos helpful.

Andrew Furmanczyk has a website  called the Piano Academy. In my opinion this is an absolutely fantastic resource for anyone wanting to learn to read music, improve their music theory, and learn the piano. Furmanczyk is a piano teacher in Canada. He offers free piano lesson videos on his website and on his YouTube channel.

Furmanczyk’s video lessons are useful to a wide variety of people, including the following:

  1. those who cannot (for whatever reason) find a piano teacher, but nevertheless want to learn the piano;
  2. those currently taking lessons who seek extra support, advice and revision to supplement their current lessons and to accelerate their progress; and
  3. piano teachers looking for ideas on how other people are teaching piano lessons.

On his website, Furmanczyk explains his motivation behind offering free video lessons. He wants to make learning the piano accessible to everyone regardless of their financial means and geographical location. In his FAQ section, he explains that video piano lessons are however no subsitute to one having their own piano teacher. That statement was made on the assumption that the student was serious about their music and especially for those wanting to become concert pianists.

Furmanczyk’s video lessons tend to last approximately the same length of time as the standard piano lesson for beginners, being 30 minutes each. As a taster, you can watch one of his video’s below – lesson one.

(above video, Source: 28/03/09).

To view the rest of Furmanczyk’s videos simply visit his website or YouTube channel (details above).

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