Group study of The 5 Levels of Leadership

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Have you heard of John Maxwell’s latest book?  It is called the 5 Levels of Leadership.  Maxwell is promoting a free series of group studies based around his latest book on leadership.  More information is found on Maxwell’s blog here.

In week 1 Maxwell encourages us to:

  • Be interested – in each person’s background, opinions, and goals;
  • Speak no more than 20% of the time;
  • Ask a question and truly listen to responses; and
  • Ask follow-up questions for clarity or deeper insight.

For this exercise, Maxwell warns us against giving advice and challenging people’s responses.  For some of us, I expect it will be very difficult indeed to resist the temptation to criticise and/or interrogate.

For the week ahead, Maxwell has set us homework as below:

Part 1

  • Readings:  (1)  Introduction; (2) You Can Have a Leadership Game Plan for Your Life, pages 1-20; (3) Leadership Assessment, pages 21-36.

Part 2

  • Discussion:  (1) Icebreaker – Share with the group your name, your favorite hobby, and the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten (2) Why did you agree to engage in this study? (3) In what area of life do you most greatly desire the ability to develop influence with people? (4) What do you see as your greatest obstacle in leadership?

If you have got a group together then you can discuss these questions together.  However if you are working on these solo, then you can share your answers on Maxwell’s blog under the relevant comment boxes as follows:

  1. Comment 1:  Name,  hobby,  unusual thing eaten – type your response <here>
  2. Comment 2:  Why did you agree to engage in this study  – type your response  <here>
  3. Comment 3:  Area of life most desire influence with people – type your response  <here>
  4. Comment 4:  Greatest obstacle in leadership – type your response  <here>

Part 3

  • Assessment:  (1) Assess your own leadership characteristics; (2) Determine how you lead specific followers. (If you don’t currently lead anyone, assess your influence with specific friends, colleagues or family members.) (3) Ask those same followers (or people you influence) to measure your leadership. (4) Tally results. 
  • Refer to pages 21-36 (note that the readings required for this exercise can be downloaded from Maxwell’s blog here).

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