Putting a band together

Music to get started with

Its January and I’m still thinking about my New Year resolutions for 2012.  I’ve had the idea of being in, or creating a band, for some time now.  When I was at high school I was very much into the music by Amy Grant.  And yet, I was not her biggest fan.  My friend Neil and his older brother were even bigger fans, if that was possible.   They had all of Amy’s albums going back to her very first release. For me, I enjoyed Amy’s mix of gospel songs and romantic pop songs.   I was particularly impressed with the diversity of the instruments in her band.

I remember there were string instruments, of which I am particularly fond.  I just wish that I knew someone who plays the cello.  I do however know someone who plays the violin.  Hmmmm.  I must ask Kathy if she would be interested in joining us?  There are some vocalists I know, Ana, and Fei, and Liz, so will need to catch up with them.  Last night I just discovered that my friend Marco plays the electric guitar (bass), so I will be contacting him shortly.  Then there is Clive who I spoke to today, and he plays the guitar, the piano, and sings.  I can play the piano and I can sing.  As my electronic piano is portable then we can use that when we go out.  Marco likes Rock, and Clives likes the beatles, and the rest of us, I think like pop and mostly anything else too.  So I think we should be able to put together a good broad repertoire.  We need a drum player, and Clive has a friend who plays, so that should make up the set!  It is very exciting, to now find enough people who are interested and able to take part.

With great enthusiasm, Fiona and I went back to my place to get things started.  We hunted for some beatles music, and I found two that we decided to try.  The first is “Yesterday” written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.  The second song we chose is “Let it Be”, again written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.  For our third piece, we chose “Everything I do, I do it for you” written by Bryan Adams, Robert John Lance, and Michael Kamen.  So what next?  Fiona and I will are now practising these three pieces.  I’ll then contact the others to see if they’re interested?  If so, I’ll email them the song selection.  I already have a date.  Neil has said that we can hold our band debut at his pub thing, when his own band are taking a break.  So that is fabulous to have a venue  already sorted.  There is another pub in town that has a music evening, on Tuesday nights, so we can go along there too.  To be realistic and allow for work and other time pressures, we have set Friday the 13th of April 2012 for our debut.  April is also close enough that momentum can be maintained.

How about it guys?  What do you say?

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