Ever thought of creating your own quiz?

At the end of a training session you’ll no doubt want  to check that you’ve met the objectives and that the students have understood the basic terms discussed.  For this reason a quiz is often employed at the end of the lesson.  However you can also use quizzes at the beginning of a course to assess at what stage students are in, and this will help you to plan future lessons to cater for different levels.  It will also identify those students who may require additional learning support.

Many of you will be familiar with the local pub quiz set up.  This is where someone uses a microphone to read out the quiz questions and everyone in their groups tries their best.  Each person in the group will fire their answers out and try to convince the person writing up the group’s answers that their answer is best.  In the ordinary classroom situations quizzes are handed out to students on an individual basis on a piece of paper, and they are given a set amount of time to answer all the questions.

If you are looking for ideas for quiz questions, you may want to visit the quiz page on the “Business Balls” website by clicking here.

In situations of home study or distance learning technology is heavily used to assist the learning process.  There is a useful application called Survey Daddy that allows you to sign up and create your own quizzes. You can register for a free account if you just want to try it out by clicking here to go to their website. You then email the link to your students, who can complete the quiz from the comfort of home. This video below from Survey Daddy provides a video tutorial to show you how you can set up your own quiz using their platform.

Creating a Quiz

Creating a Quiz

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