Business Start-Ups

Last year, I had a number of conversations with people where the topic has steered towards business.  In particular, how to attract clients when you’ve just started up.  When you are still new and fresh, that is the time when you are most reliant on new clients.  But where can you find these clients.  Naturally, it helps if you are trading in something that they actually need.  Then you will need to prove your standards of quality and reliability.  Sandra has recommended this, and also suggests offering free consultations.  She says that the key to getting clients is simply to ‘ask’.  So that reminds me, that to be in business you must remember to be humble and don’t be too proud to ask.

The internet is full of fantastic resources, and if you look carefully enough you will find plenty of sources of free advertising and opportunities for networking.

Free Advertising

Social Media

  • Blogs – try out blogger; wordpress; and myspace
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Flickr – for posting your photos




Charly has kindly introduced me to another website for contractors called oDesk.  To visit the oDesk website click <here>.

Free Websites

  • Microsoft Office Live provide you with a free website with easy to use templates.  The cost to register your own domain name varies dependent on whether you are using or a .com name.  In 2010, the fees were £7.99 a year, or £10.99 once every two years for a domain.  To see up to date fees view their website for further information.
  • For a free website see ”Getting Britain Online” at

The above are just some of the many resources available at no or very little cost to set up.

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