Myths surrounding redundancy

(May 23, 2010)

During the current recession it seems commonplace to hear news reports that companies large and small have been making mass redundancies.  Does it make you wonder whether perhaps some of these redundancies are not genuine?  Could it be that some employers use the route of redundancy as a convenient way to get rid of certain people?  Who could they possibly want to see go?   I am sure that human resource professionals will be familiar with the concept of trying to phase people out, but enough of that for now.

It is surprising how many people people believe that redundancy is not the same as a dismissal.  But a redundancy is in fact a dismissal.  The test would be that if you are telling an employee they no longer have a job, for whatever reason, then they have indeed been dismissed.  I wonder why some people find this difficult to grasp, I do not know the answer.

A dismissal can be fair or unfair.  Now if someone has been made redundant, and their was indeed a genuine redundancy, and the employer complied with a fair procedure then the dismissal will in most cases be considered to be a fair dismissal.  The correct procedures to follow for employers conducting a dismissal can be found in the ACAS code of practice.  The Citizens Advice Bureau provide an outline of the process of redundancy on their website.  ACAS have produced a very good resource on the correct procedures to follow during a redundancy situation.


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