What are you waiting for? Just do it!


Did you study economics at school? How about business studies? Did you take part in the competition for enterprise? Enterprise and starting your own business is not always considered a viable option for school leavers. Many assume the next stage is to either get a job or continue with further study. But does anyone really consider leaping straight into business instead of taking up employment? Certainly with enterprise you will gain more skills in a shorter period of time, as you will not just work “in” the business, but you will also work “on” the business! Regardless of the trade you are doing, you will also need to consider the financial aspects, the legal aspects, the public relations and marketing too. With all this you will need to get specialist advice. Whether it is your parents, a sibling, close friend, or a professional coach – the entrepreneur will also benefit from mentoring. We, as entrepreneurs need to keep focused. We need a vision, and aims. We need to set goals, and then specific dates in which to achieve them. Furthermore, we need to be accountable – and this is where a mentor or business/life coach is relevant.

In today’s version of “The Letts Daily Roundup” I came across a feature from the Spasifik Magazine on Katalina Pinkney.  Ms Pinkney was 16 years old when she set up her own moisturing lotion business called “Tahiti Waheenee“.  Today, Pinkney is the CEO of the business.  Pinkney’s business both makes and wholesales the products throughout the USA and she is causing quite a stir.  Pinkey has been featured in news media from New Zealand to America.  To read the write up on Reuters click here.  To read the article on CNBC click here.  Pinkney started and grew her business during and in spite of the recession.

So what lessons can we glean from this?  Interesting question is it not?  With the increasing numbers of people being made redundant or otherwise without a job, some cannot be blamed for feeling low.  But too many people seem to think that the only way to survive is to find another job.  Or if they do not work, then what else can they do …. study?  But there is another option. Freelancing, self employment, and partnerships and limited companies.  As many people before you have done it, so you can too, if it is something that you want.  If you are looking for ideas, then a great resource is the website called “Business Balls”, that you can read here:  http://www.businessballs.com/

On the theme of “feel the fear and do it anyway” there has been an interesting series of videos and articles on this topic quite recently, from many and varied sources.  One such video that you  may enjoy is from Natalie Sisson’s website, the “Suitcase Entrepreneur”, Face The Fear, Quit Your Job And Start Your Own Business.

Something else you may be interested in are the daily affirmations from Susan Jeffers, available here: http://www.susanjeffers.com/home/affirm.cfm

Here’s to your success!

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