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At Letts & Associates Limited, our mission is to educate and empower you with the knowledge and confidence to accelerate your success. In this time of austerity and the need to be careful with our pennies, many people neglect to invest in themselves.  But can you really afford to miss out on the opportunity to improve your skills, improve your business and achieve greater success? The government realise that training and upskilling is an important key to the growth of small business, therefore creating jobs and boosting the economy.

The Skills Agency released a press release in April 2011 providing details of the Leadership and Management grant. If  your business is based in the East Midlands in England you may be eligible to receive funding for your training for 50 percent of your training fees in which you could receive a £1000 refund. This “Leadership and Management” training scheme is a matching grant. For example, if your training costs £1000 then the grant will refund you £500. Likewise, if your training costs a total of £2000 then the grant will refund you £500. The grant was announced by the Skills Minister, John Hayes in April 2011 who said  that the grant “[It] will enable them to take advantage of funding that will support leadership and management training to help them grow their businesses.” To see the press release click here >. In the Eastmidlands, these training and coaching grants are managed by EMB Ltd.

If you meet the eligibility requirements we will refer you to the EMB Ltd whose advisers will arrange to meet with you to discuss your learning and development needs and application for funding. To read more details from EMB Ltd click here >. To see the application form click here > and it will open the document onto your computer. For an informal chat to discuss your requirements call us at +44 (0)115 714 1943 or email

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Online training for parents and children. Online piano and music tutoring. Online tutoring for English as a Second Language (ESOL) with an emphasis on pronunciation. Online meditation coaching for parents and how to incorporate meditation into daily family life.

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