Take time out for a good laugh

Training has many benefits.  Not only will you increase your knowledge and gain new skills.  But if you attend group classes then its a fabulous opportunity to meet new people and have a good laugh.

I spent today at another training sesssion, and it was great fun to meet the others in the class.  You can see from the video above that we shared lots of laughs too!

Training is an essential part of any person’s career.  This statement applies to business owners too.  Whatever field you are working in, you will need to keep updated with the latest information.  These are the sorts of issues you would consider:

  • What is the current political climate and policy affecting your field?
  • What is the changes to legislation that affect you?
  • What insurance do you need now that your circumstances have changed?
  • What are the recent developments and break throughs in your field?

Although some may think that you stop learning after you finish school, that is not the case.  Learning is life long.  For me, it is not just an obligation to learn new information, but something fun too.  To learn new things is in itself an accomplishment and can be empowering.  Although beware, that a “little” knowledge is dangerous.  One must be cautious not to think that we “know it all” as they say.  Often when someone says they are an expert it should ring alarm bells.  It is important not to fall into the trap of becoming smug or arrogant.  Instead one must maintain or strive for a humble attitude, where you are humble, honest, transparent, and open at all times to actively listen to another’s view point and to learn from others.

Published by Alice Letts

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