Sheet music for piano … free at Gmajor music

Now if you are searching for free sheet music to download and learn for the piano, then a great place to start is the website named Free Sheet Music that you can see by clicking <here>. Unlike many other websites, that require you buy a mebership subscription, this website actually does give you what it promises. That is, sheet music for free.

The website ‘free sheet music’ also has a presence on Facebook. So if you are already on facebook, then you may want to join their group. If you do a search on groups, type in ……Friends of “Free Piano Music!” into facebook, and their information should come up. If you are a member of their facebook group you will receive emails keeping you up to date with useful information and links.

The music available on the website ranges from beginner’s level to more intermediate and advanced levels. There are also links to music theory and helpful exercises for you to improve your piano technique.

An interesting feature they have on this website is also audio music for sing alongs to songs. These are particularly useful for the younger audience. They even have the alphabet song that I understand is very popular.

To download your free piano music you should look for the level that you think you may be at. For example, if you are at an advanced level then you should go straight to Intermediate Pieces and click level four. One example from that section is Beethoven’s Sonata No. 8 ‘Pathetique’ (click <here>). You will see that the music is saved in a pdf format so you can download the music onto your computer and save it as a pdf file, or simply print out straight away.

Other examples of pieces on their website are Praeludium by Beethoven (click <here>).  There are further pieces by Bach, Clementi, and Mozart.

The G Major Music Theory website is a fantastic resource and one of very few places that you can download piano sheet music for free. The only limit to it that I have found is that there are so few pieces available at each level, and the advanced pianist is not covered. However, having said that, this is the most fabulous resource for those just starting to learn the Piano, who perhaps at the stage are not able or willing to spend too much money.

If you are an avid collector of piano music, then keep an open mind. There are other places too outside the music shops. It is worth visiting charity stores whenever you get the chance. It is amazing the number of times I have come across good piano music in there, and for very little money too.

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