More sheet music … for free

Free Piano Sheet Music

There are many places you can purchase sheet music.  Whether it is from the local music store, the second hand book shop, the charity shop, or online at the musicroom and other websites.
To find free sheet music I discovered the website G Major Music.  There also two other sites that have been recommended to me.  The first is Scribd that you can see by clicking <here>.  The second website is called Piano that you can see by clicking <here>.   Both these sites contain piano sheet music that you can download for free.
  • Beethoven – see the list of pieces – click <here>
  • Beethoven – Sonate Op 2. No 1  – click <here>
  • Brahms – click <here>
  • Brahms – Cadenza for Beethoven’s Piano Concerto c-moll Op.37 – click <here>
  • Debussy – click <here>
  • Gershwin – click <here>
  • Gershwin – Rhapsody in Blue – click <here>
  • Mendelssohn – click <here>
  • Ravel – click <here>
  • Schubert – click <here>
  • Schumann – click <here>
My favourite is the score library at the russian website ‘Piano’.  If you are looking for music by these composers above, then just click on the links to the left to search for and download the piano sheet music.
The Piano website is a russian site, that contains music for duets, and operas. The composers on this website range from russian composers to a collection of international composers. Most of these you will recognise, such as Beethoven, and so on. In case you were wondering, the administrators of this site have explained that the music scores on their website are in the public domain and therefore do not infringe copyright.
Scribd is another very interesting discovery. It has been cited as one of the most ‘fascinating’ new websites. In a way it reminds me of youtube, in that you can join the site as a member and then upload your own content. The only difference, is that instead of uploading videos, on Scribd you upload word or pdf documents. The site is intended for you to publish and share your own original works. Whether that be, your own notes, an essay, disseration, short story, poem, novel, recipe, music score, and so on.

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