The Rowing Song and Fat Freddy’s Drop

When I saw this video on facebook I just could not resist the tempation to put this up on this blog. It is a long story how I came across this video by Fat Freddy’s Drop. I was introduced to this video by one of my very best friends (actually the same one who introduced me to my now husband!). Well, she came across Fat Freddy’s drop from her boyfriend, who found out about it from his sister who lives in Wellington, New Zealand. Fat Freddy’s Drop are from Wellington. I almost said then that I’m from Wellington, but that’s not quite true, although it sometimes feels like that. I lived in Wellington for almost 10 years when I moved down there to study and then stayed on to work.  To see more on Fat Freddy’s Drop, click <here> to visit their website.

It was when I was at the Governor General’s House attending a dinner in honour of Prince William who was in Wellington at the time and supporting the British Lions at the big Rugby game. During that month, Wellington in particular had been invaded by the British, mostly men and mostly young, who had come to support their favourite team. We met quite a few different people while we were out in town. Quite a number of which were in their GAP year or taking time off after finishing their studies. Getting back to the Governor General’s House, the evening was very enjoyable. It started with Singapore slings and finger food, followed by speeches, dinner and then dancing all night. I received my invitation from the Governor General through my work, and around ten of us from work attended. It seems that a number of invitations had been given to people in a selection of government departments, the chamber of commerce and legal sections. While I was there I bumped into a lot of people I knew from law school days. What a very small world.

The band at the Governor General’s house was playing a sort of jazzy, soul, funk pieces, and I was intrigued by them. It was perfect background music, but also very popular with everyone to dance to. The lead guy of the band who also sang reminded me a lot of one of my best and dearest friends Nardus. They didn’t look similar exactly, or maybe not at all, but there was something about this lead guy that reminded me of Nardus. The name of that band was Fat Freddy’s Drop. Ever since then, one of my most favourite bands of all time has been and still is Fat Freddy’s Drop.

When I went home that evening to report on events to my friends, I could not get the band Fat Freddy’s Drop out of my mind. Naturally I had to go searching for their CDs and have been collecting them with each new release. Since then I was very happy to see Fat Freddy’s Drop again in the harbour area beside the Wellington rowing club as part of a outside festival that was being held there. The weather was blue skies, warm and sunny, and with the music, the ideal way to pass your time. Oh, those were the days 🙂

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