My favourite 6 pieces of jewellery from Michal Negrin

I mentioned in an earlier blog post my introduction to Michal Negrin.  I was at the Zohar gift shop at the Mount (Maunganui) when I first encountered the jewellery of Michal Negrin.  The sheer feminimity of her work.  The intricate little flower details.  Ohhhhh, I just couldn’t get enough of Michal Negrin’s designs.  Absolutely beautiful!  If you want to see which items Zohar have in stock, click <here>.

The jewellery collection of Michal Negrin is extensive, to see her website click <here>.    Which pieces do you like?  I am particularly fond of her necklaces.  Here are some of my favourites!

Item Number 1:

(source:  image via Michal at 20.45 on 03.02.2012)

The above photo is a necklace made using nickel-free brass with swarovski components and a vintage painted rose.


Item Number 2:

(source:  image via Michal at 20.47 on 03.02.2012)

This is a sweet little bracelet.  Absolutely delightful!


Item Number 3:

(source:  image via Michal at 20.54 on 03.02.2012)

This is very clever and so pretty.   It is made of nickel free brass with swarovski crystals and fabric flowers.


Item Number 4:

(source:  image via Michal at 21.02 on 03.02.2012)

Too pretty to be true! I want it! I want it! I want it!  What can I say.  Its absolutely me!  The above necklace is made with semi precious stones, vintage flowers/cameo and swarovski crystals.


Item Number 5:

(source:  image via Michal at 21.08 on 03.02.2012)

I like this one too!  Its made using glass beads and swarovski crystals.


Item Number 6:

(source:  image via Michal at 21.08 on 03.02.2012)

This last piece I have chosen is in my opinion very clever indeed.  It features a vintage picture of a lady who is dressed in what looks like fabric, and then has swarovski crystals hanging down from a bow at her waist.

Michal Negrin is my number one inspiration for design in my own jewellery collection.  Although my collection is very different, it nevertheless provides plenty of creative stimulation.  It makes me want to get on with making more jewellery this very minute!  Well, I better get on with it!  I sold another pair of earrings today so will need to make some more to replenish my stock.  It is the most satisfying thing when other people also admire my own designs 😉  Who doesn’t like a compliment!? The biggest compliment I can get is when someone admires my piece of jewellery and even better when they purchase it.  To see my jewellery on someone else and be able to admire my handiwork on them is absolutely fabulous!  Very satisfying indeed 😉


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