Santa Anna

Back to Scario again. This last week there have been a number of events held at Scario.

On Thursday we attended the Santa Anna festival.

We caught the end of the church ceremony for Santa Anna. The statue of Saint Anne was literally covered in pure gold. After the ceremony had finished, the clerks took the statue into the church and removed the gold covering before re-opening the church so that people could pay tribute.


We brought our nephew with us too and he enjoyed playing the shooting carnival game.


There were trampolines and climbing activities for the little ones too and of course, lots of market stalls.


There were an over abundance of jewellery stalls, at least ten of them and they all sold much the same stuff! They had necklaces from only €1 but they were only plastic. Hugely popular with the young girls though! I even saw one middle aged woman so excited that she was holding about ten in her hand and had been so intent in speaking to the stall owner that she went behind the table and was talking to him there, leaving him no room to escape! ;-). An eager customer, that’s for sure!

Many of the traders looked like they came from other countries, Africa, India or China. But then they all spoke Italian so my first impression was obviously wrong. The same thing happens to me too. Since I was young many people have told me they believed I was from South Africa. I am not, but I always found this amusing as I have (to date) never been to South Africa.

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