Rice salad

This rice salad was made by my Mother in law, in Cilento, Italy.

1. White Rice
2. Organic free range eggs from the family farm
3. German sausages (Wurstel)
4. Tin of tuna
5. Organic tomatoes also from the family farm.

First she boiled the white rice until cooked. Note that you can substitute the white rice with brown rice or any other rice of your choosing.

In another pan she boiled some eggs.

Once the rice was cooked she placed it into a large bowl. When the eggs were cooked she peeled the egg shell then cut the egg into quarters and added to the rice.

Next she sliced some cooked sausages (or you could substitute with cooked ham or salami) and added to the rice. She sliced fresh tomatoes and added also to the rice. Finally she took a can of tuna and added the drained contents to complete the rich salad.

There are infinite possibilities with this rice salad as you can tailor make it to your preferences. For example, you could add cooked sweet corn (either fresh or from a can). You could add fresh mozzarella cheese (or any other cheese of your choice). You could make it vegetarian by taking out the meat and fish and replacing with fresh basil and other herbs, capers, olives, capsicum, zucchini, and whatever other vegetables that take your fancy.

This meal served five of us, plus there was enough left over to store in the fridge in a good sized sandwich box.


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