Hobby Art

The village of Policastro contains my favourite beading shop called ” Hobby Art” and this is where I like to buy the silver and gold chains for my jewellery making. A visit to Hobby Art is always expensive business but well worth it as I am able to acquire designs that I simply cannot source anywhere else in the world (believe me, I’ve tried!)

This bead shop is also useful for buying findings and bits and pieces. The fastenings for my Mother-in-law’s pearl necklace had broken. I was pleased to be able to fix it up for her. With a quick stop at Hobby Art I purchased the items I needed and repaired the necklace. It’s good to see her wearing her pearls again and satisfying to know that I helped in a small way.

I have also been working on repairing and restringing necklaces for a number of other ladies too. Some have included glass pearls and Swarovski crystals, and semi precious gemstones including white quartz and birthstones including ruby and citrine.

As part of the services of “AliceStories” I offer a repair and restraining service for a fee. However when purchasing any of our jewellery direct from AliceStories you will automatically receive free lifetime repair and rest ringing of our jewellery. Just retain your receipt (or gift card) and post to us at your own cost. We will then repair/restring and return to you at our own cost.

For more details on our policies visit our online jewellery shop at http://www.alicestories.etsy.com








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