Caves in Laurino

There are so many places here that I have not been, and it never ceases to amaze me when I come across something new. It’s a great feeling don’t you agree?

We popped in to visit my husband’s Aunt the other day, and she told us about some caves that are at the back of her garden! Who would have thought!? Rather incredible I thought.
But then, Laurino is very mountainous and I shouldn’t have been too surprised to find caves in some of them.

The men had fenced off the area as they were digging it up to create an area for the jazz festival to be held in a couple of weeks. When we saw the diggers we gave up on the idea of going into the caves. We resolved to visit them during our next trip.

My Mother-in-law said something loud to my husband. It was in Italian of course, and I couldn’t quite make it out. I’ve been picking up some words and phrases since being back here but I still have a long way to go!

Well, the work men must have heard whatever she said, because one of them called out to his men to stop working and he called out to us to wait. That is one word I do know, “Aspetta” means to wait. I don’t know how you spell it but that is how it is written.

So we turned around and the gentleman kindly opened the makeshift gate for us to let us in. He then escorted us over the worksite and guided us into the caves.

The entrance of the cave was circular, small and low, so that I had to stoop, and almost crawl to get into the cave.

Once we were inside the cave, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that had a very tall ceiling and was very wide. The air was crisp and fresh. The coolness was a welcome refuge to the heat and humidity outside. It occurred to me that the cave would make a brilliant venue for a picnic or party!

Then I asked my husband if animals live in here. I imagined that some large growling and snarling animal might come out at any moment to eat us up! I didn’t dare walk further into the cave, and I made my way tentatively back to the entrance. I was hoping my husband would say no to reassure me. Not quite. Instead he said “yes”, he assured me that he believed that a long time ago animals will have lived in the cave.

In any case it was time to go.









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