Views from Laurino


Laurino is a small village in the mountains. Whenever I think of Laurino recall one of my favourite tales from my childhood of “Heidi”. What sticks in my mind about Heidi was that her sick friend regained good health only after she was brought to live in the mountains. The fresh crisp air and the organic milk and food sources cured her from her failing health.

It certainly is true that city life can cause strain on the body with the pollution and processed food.

Laurino is part of the Cilento region in the South of Italy. It is also home to my grandma-in-law who is currently 101 going into 102. What is her secret to good health and long life? I have been thinking it over for sometime now. And from my observations I would guess that it is the organic home made red wine, organic cheese, organic home grown tomatoes ( and lots of them!) and the love and attention from her children and grandchildren. I have also noticed that she is very attentive and extremely fond of playing with her grandchildren. Her mind is alert and she is very quick indeed and still the life of the party. Yes she was a party girl as a young thing and nothing has changed there! The mountain air is no doubt soothing as well as the sea air when she vacations with her daughter by the beach.










The photos below show the restoration of the old Palace in Laurino.



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