Seasons – a time for change

Feijoa flower

How time sneaks past when you are not looking! All of a sudden we are a quarter of the way through the year and April is upon us. What does this mean? We will be experiencing changes in climate. Depending on which hemisphere we are in, we are moving into Spring or alternatively Autumn, each with their own set of advantages. For me, autumn is a time i look forward to in New Zealand as well as Italy because it means the beginning of Feijoa season.

Feijoas are my ultimate fruit! Originally from Brazil, the feijoa tree is a common item in back gardens throughout New Zealand. Not so, in the UK unfortunately. However i do have it on good authority that you can buy the feijoa fruit from Harrods in Knightsbridge.

In the UK right now I have been enjoying the benefits of Spring with longer hours of daylight and warmer weather.

Talking about changes in seasons it reminds me of changes in life. Sometimes things we thought could never happen actually do. For me the biggest life change is happening right now as I am currently pregnant. On first learning this news I was dumbstruck and did not know where to begin or what to do! It took a while to get an appointment to see a midwife but when I did the first thing I wanted to know was what am I allowed to eat. I was told to load up on fruit and vegetables and to cut out soft cheese, raw eggs (incl homemade mayonnaise) and alcohol. I was advised to over cook meat (no more rare steaks for me!) and to restrict coffee & tea to one cup maximum per day. From that moment I realised that I had a responsibility to my growing baby to eat foods/drink liquids that are beneficial to his growth and development. This immediately lead me into a change of diet as I increased my intake of fruit and vegetables and cut down on processed carbohydrates. Not an Aitkens diet and not a detox but more along the lines of a cleanse. A few months on and I’ve found that my exhaustion is not as severe as it was and although still tired, I have more energy than before so that is a very convenient benefit.

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2 thoughts on “Seasons – a time for change

  1. Congrats to the pregnancy!
    How long time is it until it will see the world? It is always a miracle when a new baby arrive♥ (if my english and grammar is terrible it is because I’m from Sweden. Sometimes I think it’s real hard to get the word at the right place in the sentence and the grammar is even worse but I write anyway:)


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