Day 18 of my new routine

Welcome to Day 18 of my 21 day challenge to establish a new daily routine of meditation, exercise and learning.  

Hi, and welcome to my diary entry for a day 18 of May 21 day challenge.  I was a day late in recording today video.  It’s slightly delayed because yesterday I was not doing that great. I did get up but not until very late.   I did at least have my glass of water and apple cider, and then I started my meditation.  So I did anyway do my meditation from my 21 day meditation challenge.  

I didn’t manage to go outside for a walk today.  I needed to conserve what little energy I had, as I wanted to tackle my piles of clutter.  I tried to start to look at a few things I need to do but didn’t get too far.  

Then in the early evening, I received a call from my Aunt.  And I had missed three of her phone calls earlier and I had forgotten to reply to her voicemail from yesterday.  So by the time I spoke to her on the phone she was all worked up.  In fact, she was a little bit hysterical. She was talking about my funeral!  Where is this coming from? I mean I know that I have been having pain on and off a lot lately,  but really?  She  was so she was so distressed because she thought, because it’s in my lower abdomen, that it could be like a rambling appendix.  She said it sounded like a rambling appendix and she was concerned because I’ve not seen the doctor or anything that my appendix could just burst, and then I’ll collapse.  And because I am isolating, and all by myself, that I would die, and then she would have to come up here to organise the funeral.  She explained the reason this occurred to her is because my parents don’t live here, they live on the other side of the world, and as she is my aunt, she is my next of kin.  

She said that she would have to come up here and it’s five hour journey minimum from her house.  And at her age it is all too much for her. She continued on, saying that she would have to break the news to her brother, to my parents, and it’s all very very complicated.  So  anyway after a long conversation with her, I agreed that I would speak to some close friends who live locally.  To see if I can put together my own plan for my funeral, and I’ll have a chat to my friends and give them this document that I prepare.  So my next task is to organise/plan my own funeral and also I need to get together a list of names and contact numbers to give to my friends, so they can know who to call, so they know who needs to be notified when I’ve died.  

These are strange times, during this pandemic, and there are a lot of people who have died from this virus.  As of today, what’s the number here in the UK that have already died from the Coronavirus is about 34,000 people.  

As I was chatting with my Aunt I saw that I’d received two text messages, from two different friends both asking me to go to the A&E.

I didn’t really think it was something life threatening, but with the fear my friends and my Aunt all expressed, it started to worry me.  So I did tell my Aunt that I would at least phone 111.  

I had not spoken to my friends or to my Aunt since Friday, so I filled my Aunt in that I had called the doctors surgery on Friday.  And I managed to speak with doctor on the telephone, and after answering some questions from her, the doctor did say that she thinks that it could be my bladder.  But the doctor said just to monitor the situation for seven days, and if it’s still a problem next week, then to contact the surgery.

I had a quick look on the Internet and I read up on the NHS website about the bladder and bladder infections.  And I read that an infection of the bladder could get serious if it’s not treated quickly.  The infection could travel up to the kidney.  And the risk is for people who have diabetes.  And this made me recall that I have been battling with high glucose levels over the last couple of years as I have tried to exercise and eat healthy in order to avoid/stave off type 2 diabetes as I’m borderline for diabetes,

So I eventually realised that maybe it’s not a good idea to delay.  So I agreed I would call 111.  After we finished our chat, I did try calling 111, but I simply got a recorded message that said they said they’re overwhelmed with calls and advising to look on the NHS online help instead for advice.   Well by that time, my pain was for some unknown reason getting worse.  I don’t know why.  And so I decided okay,  I’m going to pop into the car now before the pain gets any worse, and I’m going to drive now to the hospital.  

I wasn’t quite sure where to park when I got to the hospital.  Thankfully though, they did have signs for directions to parking for A&E.   After finding a park, I took care to put the car parking ticket from the machine, into my purse, so I could pay for that before returning to the car.  

When I reached the A&E they had a sign telling us to go over to the car park to a tent or prefab area to chat with someone there.  The lady in the booth took my temperature just make sure I didn’t potentially have the covid-19.   I explained to her what was going on and with the pain my bladder so she gave me the screen card that said green green hospital room something with the icicle it and she said to me when I go follow the barriers around the side that go into it it is a green green coloured building.  Once inside, I was told to ask for primary care, for a primary care doctor.  She also gave me sort of plastic card that was green and it had a yellow sticker dot on it.  She told me that I needed to go to the bathroom also and get a sample for my urine test for my bladder issue.

So once I got inside and found where I needed to wait,  I then went to the bathroom to get the sample requested.  Fortunately I had just drunk a glass of water before leaving the house so it wasn’t a problem.  When the doctor called my name, I gave my sample to her.  The doctor went into another room to test my sample.  When she returned we went into her consultation room.  The doctor asked if I’d had any operations and I did say that no I haven’t had any operations, however I did have any emergency Caesarian, a good few years ago.  Also before I was pregnant I was told I have polyps in my ovaries, but the polyps are harmless.

After our initial discussion, the doctor asked me to lay down on the examination table.  After she examined me, she advised that it was either IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome, 

or a Cyst.  But at this stage she is going to go with the assumption that it’s not a cyst, but is IBS.  

The doctor advised me to take Buscopan tablets to manage the pain.  She said they can be purchased over the counter at the pharmacy and most supermarkets.  The doctor showed me what the tablets looks like, she showed me a photograph of them on her phone, so that I could take a photo of her phone.  She did caution though that it can take 3 to 4 weeks for the tablets to actually start to have an effect.  So even though I’ve started taking the tablets, during the first 3 to 4 weeks I could still experience pain.   So that’s a shame, because I had hoped that I could have got an instant fix.  I would have liked to have a pill that could take away the pain instantly, but that’s not the case.  

However the good news is that I don’t have an infection.  So I’m really relieved that there is nothing life threatening and I don’t need to take any antibiotics.

I did drive to four supermarkets to look for the tablets but unfortunately it was too late and they were all closed.  Will need to search for them again tomorrow.


Today I completed Day 7 of the 21 day meditation challenge that I started earlier this week with Sura Flow. Today’s mediation was a quick 5 minute video.

  If you want to see details on the meditation challenge the link is:-


For my exercise today I didn’t manage to get outside for a walk. But I did spend a bit of time sorting through the clutter.

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