Day 20 of my new routine

Welcome to Day 20 of my 21 day challenge to establish a new daily routine of meditation, exercise and learning.  

Today started off great.  I was up at 6am feeling fantastic and did my meditation while I had a apple cider vinegar.  I was up early enough to catch the live-streaming of the meditation by Dr Vikas although I was a little late.  The youtube link to this meditation on the Pandey Integrated Healthcare channel is

I made myself an egg and salad sandwich with tomato and spring onion.  It was super tasty.  

However it wasn’t long before my pain returned so badly and I felt so nauseated again and I was too exhausted to do anything else so I decided to go back to bed.   I don’t know what caused the pain all of a sudden?  It was too early in the morning to go in search of the Buscopan tablets as the shops wouldn’t be open until 9am so I had some time to wait.  However I fell asleep and didn’t wake up 


Today I completed Day 9 of the 21 day meditation challenge that I started earlier this week with Sura Flow. Today’s mediation was a 10 minute video on relaxing the muscles.  


For my exercise today I didn’t get outside for a walk.  Again I slept most of the day away.  Today I had another expedition driving around to find my Buscopan tablets recommended by the doctor.  Today I was very fortunate because I actually found the Buscopan tablets.  I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I finally found them, it almost seemed too good to be real, given all the difficulty I’d had in locating them.

To return to today’s video, view the blog here:-

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