Day 7 – Focussed Awareness Meditation

Focussed Awareness Meditation

Hello and thank you for joining me today, that is day 7 of the 90 day meditation challenge.  This now brings us to the end of week one, where we’ve been doing “focused awareness meditations”.  By now you are competent and confident to create your own guided meditation for yourself for focussed awareness.

So today I’m going to do a very short focused awareness meditation, lasting just a minute.  So find somewhere comfortable and adjust yourself as required.  If you like you may now close your eyes.  Let us begin.

Counting down from two down to one.

Two breathe in calm, breathe out peace,

One breathe in calm, breathe out peace.

And in your own time, you may wiggle your fingers and toes and open your eyes.

This now brings this meditation to a close.


You are able to create your own focussed awareness meditation for yourself, wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you. I would like to congratulate you now for having stuck with it. You have now completed week 1 of your 12 week training.

And I look forward to you joining me tomorrow for day 8 of the 90 day meditation challenge, that will also bring us into week two of the challenge.

Free audio meditation

Focused Awareness | Alice Letts, Insight Timer

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