Day 8 – Positive Affirmations

Hello, and welcome to day 8 of the 90 day meditation challenge. It’s a pleasure to have you join me again. This is week two of our 12 week meditation challenge and in week two we’re going to be focusing on positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations are a wonderful way to try and bring us a little bit of joy into our daily life. And this is particularly important if we happen to be feeling a little bit blue. Or if we’ve had some bad news. And we we need we need assistance to learn how to process it.

So positive affirmations can be great. And if you cannot or do not feel like there’s anything at all to be grateful for, or you cannot feel that there’s anything good left in the world then what i have found really helpful is to listen to some guided positive affirmations.

Task #1 – Listen to Louise Hay Guided Positive Affirmations
I particularly recommend the positive affirmations from Louise Hay. So i have shared with you below, the link to Louise Hay’s affirmations. I recommend that you take the time out today to listen to her positive affirmations. But what are positive affirmations, you may be wondering? Well positive affirmations are simply statements that you say which are in the “here and now” (I am etc), and are “positive”. In other words, your
affirmations will not be negative (default judgements) and they will not be in the future (I will etc). It may be at the time that you don’t or can’t relate to that. But it can be really helpful and it’s a good habit to get into every day.

Task #2 – Write
If you can maybe have a piece of paper and a pen and write down whatever comes to mind. Be sure to write first thing in the morning and then also last thing at night. To give you some ideas of what to write, perhaps you can make a list of three or four things that you’re grateful for right now. And three or four things that other people say are wonderful about yourself. And then these good things about yourself that either exist now or are feelings that you want to create in the future, are your positive affirmations. Things about your life. So you could, start really small you can just simply say “I am enough, I am enough, and you could repeat that one affirmation over and over again,
just as if it were a mantra. A repeated statement. Or you could continue, and recite more positive affirmations. For example, ” I am joyous, I am abundant”. So your task for today, which is Day #8 of the 90 day challenge, is to take the time to listen to Louise Hayes
positive affirmations – and do that today. And then join me tomorrow for day #9 where we will go into positive affirmations and you will spend time creating your own.

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Free audio meditations:-

Positive Affirmations | Alice Letts, Insight Timer

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