Who is stealing the fruit?

My naughty hasband has stolen my camera, and he disappeared into the garden. Questa mattina, il cattivone di mio marito  ha rubato la mia macchina fotografica ed e’ scomparso nel giardino.  Half an hour later, he returned, and showed me the photos he took.  Dopo una mezz’ora e’ tornato mostrandomi qualche sua foto. He told me thatContinue reading “Who is stealing the fruit?”

Sshh…. listen to the rain

Rain in the pine forest by Gabriele D’Annunzio (XX century Italian poet and journalist) The poet is taking shelter from the rain with his lover “Hermione”: Silence, at the edge of the wood I do not hear your human words; But I listen to the novel words spoken by distant drops and leaves. Listen. It rains. From the scatteredContinue reading “Sshh…. listen to the rain”

Alice’s Italian and Tongan Vocab

Vocabulary and Phrases Lesson 1.1 Vocabulary/ Dialogue Italian English Tongan Vocabulary Ciao Hello(or general greeting) Malo e lelei Person A: Come stai How are you? Fefe hake? Person B: Bene, grazie I’m fine, thank you Sai pe, malo Vocabulary Si Yes(polite response to someone calling your name) Ko au Person A: Grazie …. Thank youContinue reading “Alice’s Italian and Tongan Vocab”