The nearness of you

  “Friends of the Northern Jazz Trio performing Hoagy Carmichael’s ‘The Nearness of You’, featuring Karen Lai (vox), Ronald De Leon (p.), Christina Wang (b.), Sivasilan (d.), Jens Bunge (harmonica), Ng Ling Cheng (trumpet) and Vince De Leon (saxophone). Recorded live at China House, Penang on 30th December 2011.”   (Source:  Youtube, accessed 08.13 onContinue reading “The nearness of you”

Jazzing things up

Above is the video of an excellent performance of Alligator Crawl, Thomas “Fats” Waller. Here is a video from the man himself, Waller.   The Institute of Jazz Studies (IJS) Dana Library has a fantastic website on Thomas Fats Waller, including a digital library from which you can view some of the orginal music scoresContinue reading “Jazzing things up”