Sheet music for piano … free at Gmajor music

Now if you are searching for free sheet music to download and learn for the piano, then a great place to start is the website named ‘Free Sheet Music‘ that you can see by clicking <here>. Unlike many other websites, that require you buy a mebership subscription, this website actually does give you what it promises. ThatContinue reading “Sheet music for piano … free at Gmajor music”

Music shopping for Thomas (Fats) Waller

After the Museum we found our way to Soho. I was looking in vain for the Italian restaurant where I had had the most scrumptious cream donut, but after about an hour of searching with no luck we gave up. We did find an Italian cafe in any case, but they didn’t sell the donutContinue reading “Music shopping for Thomas (Fats) Waller”