Day out at Chatsworth House

30 July 2011 It was a brilliant sunny day today and so we drove up to Chatsworth House, to capitalise on the good weather. We wanted to fit some walking in before the weather changed. En route, we treated ourselves to a gorgeous meal at the Grouse & Claret. Each of us ordered a differentContinue reading “Day out at Chatsworth House”

Dinner at Biggin Hall

Saturday 14th of May 2011 We finally got around to celebrating the belated birthday.  We went to the delightful Biggin Hall, for the birthday celebratory dinner.  It was a little chilly inside, and I really should have thought to wear more winter clothing, but as it as Spring, it had not occurred to me.  ButContinue reading “Dinner at Biggin Hall”

Alice and Goldie

It is Spring, 2007, and I am back again doing my exercise walking around the dales in Derbyshire.  It feels like I am on a health camp, plenty of nutritious vegetables and fruit and everything else on a ration.  Very good for me, the fresh air in particular.  The scenery is good for the soulContinue reading “Alice and Goldie”