Italian 101

Lesson 4

Italiano English
Muoviti Hurry up 
Aspetta Wait 
Non correre Don’t run 
Tu sei pronto/a Are you ready 
Andiamo Let’s go 
Rallenta Slow down 
Io non lo so I don’t know 
Io sono stanco/a I’m tired 
e’ qui It is here 
Dove eri (tu)? Where were you? 
E’ questo corretto Is that right? 
Niente altro Anything else?/what else? 
Come si dice in italiano How do you say that in Italian 
Nessun suggerimentro Any suggestions? 
Cosi cosi So so (e.g. in response to being asked how you are). 
Io ho mal di testa I have a headache 
Vieni Qui Come here 



To listen to the MPEG-4 Audio files visit Alice’s website at to hear these phrases spoken in native Italian and native English (New Zealand).

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