Alice gets involved with the community

Today was the first day for me volunteering with the Salvation Army.   It was so much fun and I had a great time there.  They hold a lot of activities at their centre, including play groups for children and activities for the elderly.  So today I went along and my contribution was to play the piano in the background while the senior citizens got on with their thing.  They were very appreciative too so that was very satisfying for me.   It really is true, there is nothing better than to give your time to some deserving charity. 

I played a variety of different pieces, from Fats Waller, Cimarosa, Clementi, and the musicals, Phantom of the Opera, some religious pieces, and other pop pieces.  Interesting they the least popular piece I played was the jazz one.  But then I often forget that jazz is not as widespread in England as it is in New Zealand. 

I had a good chat with one of the organisers at the centre called Phil.  We have something in common, that is New Zealand.  Phil explained that his daughter went to New Zealand as part of her round the world travels.  On her journey she went to South America, Australia, and India.  She was however captivated by New Zealand and on her return to England she plans to apply for a visa so she can move to New Zealand.  Oh, the lucky girl 😉  What a brilliant idea!

After I had finished my stint, and was walking back into town, I came across this film crew that were waiting around the canal area.  Curious, I wonder what they were waiting for?   I don’t suppose I will ever know now?  The cherry trees are in blossom right now and I could not walk past them without stopping to take  some photos.

Last night Giuseppe made the most gorgeous fish and chips using his own special batter.  Well it wasn’t really his recipe but one he has taken from his mother.  Yes, Giuseppe’s mother is the most excellent cook, and fortunately Giuseppe has learnt a lot from her – to my good fortune.  Tonight was time to cook though.  So I did something very easy and one of my favourites – a salad and pizza!  It was good, believe me 😉

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