The ABC of Event organising

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Hosting any successful event is a tall order, irrespective of the size of the guest list.  If you want to host a successful event, you must have everything under control right from day one.  That is why we want to help you plan and execute the best event.


The following  has to be done at least three to four weeks before the event:

  1. Find and book a venue.  (Do not forget to think about parking for your guests).
  2. Prepare a Powerpoint presentation, think of a poignant issue/topic and hire an expert to talk about it, do not forget to add your logo in the powerpoint presentation and/or on the monitor.
  3. Choose a format in which your invites will be sent i.e. post, e-mail or both. Send the invitations for the event with an agenda attached. Make sure you print the agendas for the evening of the event.
  4. You will also need to think if you want to charge your guests a surcharge for the event, it does entirely depend on the type of event you are hosting. If people pay for something they are more likely to attend as we found out at RD Marketing Consultants.


A few days before the networking event:

  1. Contact the guests again to make sure they are coming, so that you have a clear indication of how many people are coming to your event.
  2. Sell your event to your guests by mentioning that your event might have nibbles and/or something to drink.
  3. Prepare a speech and be sure to thank everyone for coming and do not forget to prepare an elevator speech.
  4. Prepare suggestion cards so you can gage people’s opinions.
  5. Do not forget to brief everyone on Health and Safety before you start your event.
  6. Rehearse your speech and make sure that you know what your guest speaker is going to say and show on their powerpoint presentation(if applicable).



A few hours before the event:

  1. Make sure the table and seating plan you selected is still applicable.
  2. Put the names of each guest on every chair/ table so everybody will know where they have to sit, place the agenda on each chair too.
  3. Always be prepared and have pens, markers, highlighters etc with you.
  4. Ensure you have all your equipment with you (laptop, business cards, monitors…)
  5. Collect your thoughts and trust yourself- now is no time to start fretting.


During the event:

  1. As your guests arrive make sure there is someone to meet and greet them and be sure to have their names ready on their on their name badges.
  2. Give latecomers a change to arrive roughly 15-20 minutes and then start your event officially.
  3. Before you start with anything, thank your guests for coming and briefly introduce yourself (who are you, what you do and what your business offers).  Make sure you brief everyone on Health and Safety too.
  4. Ask everyone to introduce themselves in one minute and remember to introduce your guest speaker too, briefly outlining what he/she will be discussing.
  5. After the 60 second introductions and guest speaker’s speech it is time to interact and as the host you need to set the example.  If you see anyone who is not part of a discussion or looks uncomfortable make sure they are at ease by talking to them or getting some type of interaction going between them and others.
  6. Make sure someone takes pictures- they always come in handy.


After the event:

  1. Within 24 hours you- the host will need to send “thank you” messages/cards to the guests who attended, this can be by e-mail and/or post.
  2. Make sure you add all the business cards you got to your address book or database.
  3. Update any online forums you have (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, your Blog, etc) with the outcome of the event, let people know it has been a success and make sure that your business is represented.

The key to any event is to be organised and prepared for anything and everything.

You always need a back up plan and you always need to be calm. Stress before the event if you wish but on the day of the event you need to be serenity itself and your thoughts need to be collected and structured.

RD Marketing Consultants have somewhat simplified the points above but this is simply an outline of what it is that you need to think about and the rest will come to you naturally.

Many events throughout the UK are hosted every year and if you find that only a few people have turned up to your event or none then do not be alarmed, it happens and even in situations like this you need to be prepared, put on your biggest smile and start again.

For more information or assistance with your event/s feel free to get in touch with us at or give us a call on 079-191-85871.

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