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My friends and I have been looking for music to play for the band we are putting together.  We had some beatles pieces and a couple of pop songs.  I have some old time music too.  Clive suggested we think about “Adele” for the type of music we play and the way to sing.   My introduction to Adele was the time she performed at Brits Awards at the Royal Albert Hall.  It was an extremely moving and very beautiful performance.

Adele’s latest album, Adele21 was released in the UK on the 24th of January.  My friend Fei has already purchased the CD.  We are all very familiar with Adele’s music now, as it is played on the television, the radio, in the shops, on the planes, and so on.  Fei already knows the lyrics.  I was wondering where to find the music score.  I was very happy when I found the song book almost immediately with a search on the music room website (click <here> to see Adele’s music score).  Fei’s favourite song is “Someone like you”.

I think the most popular song of the album though, is rolling in the deep.  I don’t have a favourite, I like them all equally.  Clive suggested we choose songs to do solos instead of trying to harmonize.  So Clive has reserved the Beatles and Fei has reserved Adele’s music.   Adele is giving away a free “app”.  If you are interested in the official Adele app, click <here>.

I’m not sure whether I will do any solo’s, but if I do, I think I  may stick to the older classics or musical theatre pieces.  I just adore Alicia Key’s music and Diana Krall too.  Its so difficult to decide!  Won’t it be interesting to see what our final selection will be.

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